What is the turn around time?

We allow 2 weeks as standard, however we generally aim for a week turn around.  Regular emails notifying our customers of order progress are sent on a regular basis so our customers are aware of when to expect their order.  

I need an urgent order, am I able to get it sent sooner?

You are welcome to request an urgent order, but please include a comment in the checkout comments section to grab our attention when processing.  Urgent orders MUST be select express post (unless picking up locally) to ensure there are no delays with shipping.

What colour ranges are there, and can I select my own?

We have over 35 colours to chose from! We have created a few main selections in our colour selection drop down menu, however you are welcome to select your own colours too, by writing what you would like in the comments section.

Boys Rainbow Colours - Colour range generally starts with Blue and works through the colour range

Girls Rainbow Colours - Colour range generally starts with Purple and works through the colour range in the opposite direction.

Boys Colours - Rainbow colours without Pink or Purple

Girls Colours - Rainbow colours, without navy blue.

Specific - include your own colour range

Is the product safe?

Yes! Coming from a stringent and heavily regulated manufacturing back ground, we take Product safety, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and regulations (ACCC) very seriously. We spent many months prior to going live with this business, to ensure that every raw material and product met the required safety standards.

The glue used is the strongest and safest glue available on the market. So safe in fact, that it is the only glue approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in food quality goods such as chopping boards.

The coating is completely non-toxic and is Australian Owned. This coating is the same coating as used on Faber-Castell pencils.

Do you use MDF in your puzzles?

No way!  MDF contains over 30% of formaldehyde..  Formaldehyde is a group one human carcinogenic, (Proven to cause cancer in humans) and is readily soluable in water (or saliva).  Although the allowable exposure limit enforced by the ACCC is <80mg/kg for children's products under 3 years of age, we WILL NOT risk it.

Is there a limit to the amount of characters used in the personalised engraving on the back of the puzzle?

No, there isn't.  I mean, you can't write a novel on the back of your puzzle, however you can add a personal or inspirational message, include details of the special occasion related to when you gift your puzzle to your loved one, and include who it's from.  If your message is quite long, we simply reduce the font size to ensure it fits.