Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your puzzles?

You can view prices and order our puzzles from the below links

Single line puzzles

Full name puzzles


What is the turn-around time?

We aim for 1-2 weeks PLUS shipping time.  We prioritise express orders with an urgent requested by date.  During Christmas peak we may experience delays due to demand, but will prioritise by requested by date to avoid disappointment.

We are unable to process urgent orders with less than 8 days lead time between October 15 - December 31st due to demand during this time. 

Christmas cut off is 5th December, each year.

What payment options are there?

We have AfterPay, PayPal, Poli Payments and Credit Card through our NAB transact.  We have the highest SSL security available, so your payments are safe and secure.

How will I know where my order is at during manufacturing?

Regular emails are sent to customers during manufacturing to keep you up to date. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive a response to emailed inquiries as we are busy working in the workshop to complete orders.


I need an urgent order, am I able to get it sent sooner?

You are welcome to request an urgent order, but these can impact on our productivity so we ask that our customers order as far in advance as possible.
A comment MUST be recorded in the checkout comments section and MUST be have express post (unless picking up locally) selected.  If you're expecting a puzzle within 5 days, contact MUST be made via mobile call/text. The number is listed at the top.

We are unable to process urgent orders with less than 8 days lead time between November 1 - December 31st due to demamd during this time. 


How much is postage?

You can check the accurate postage charge options for your order by clicking on the ‘view cart’ when you have placed your items in the shopping cart. 

We cap our regular parcel post orders at $15.00 within Australia and we have competitive rates for international orders, worldwide.


What shipping options are there?

We use AusPost regular and express parcel, DHL Global and DHL express courier for our international orders.

Express Post takes 1-4 business days, and 2-6 days for Regular Post, within Australia
International orders take a minimum of 5-15 business days for DHL Global, and 3-6 business days for DHL Express Courier. 
All parcels are shipped with tracking, and although we work incredibly hard to ensure all our customers are happy, any shipping delays are outside of our control so we are unable to guarantee delivery dates. 


What colour ranges are there, and can I select my own?

We have over 35 colours to choose from and you’re most welcome to select your own.

We have created a few main selections in our colour selection drop down menu, however you are welcome to select your own colours too, by writing what you would like in the comments section. We have attached a colour pallet to each listing to help make your choice.

What size are your puzzles?

Our boards are 12cm x 25 - 63cm in length.  2 line puzzles are 23cm in width while our 3 line plus puzzles are 30-35cm.   
We use only proper noun text (initial capital letter followed by lowercase letters) for our puzzles and the length of our puzzles depends on the name.  Our letters all meet minimal small parts requirements for international safety standards, however vary in size depending on the letter.  3-7cm by 1.5cm-7cm and most around 4 x 4cm


Do you sell replacement letters?

Yes!  You can order these here – be sure to include lower or upper case, and the actual colour you need as it’s named in the attached colour pallet so there are no delays to your order



Is the product safe?

Yes! Coming from a stringent and heavily regulated manufacturing back ground, we take Product safety, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and regulations (ACCC) very seriously. We spent many months prior to going live with this business, to ensure that every raw material and product met the required safety standards.

The glue used is the strongest and safest glue available on the market. So safe in fact, that it is the only glue approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in food quality goods such as chopping boards.

The coating is completely non-toxic and is Australian Owned. This coating is the same coating as used on Faber-Castell pencils.


Do you use MDF in your puzzles?

No way! And, for your child’s sake, PLEASE stay away from MDF toys. 

MDF contains over 30% of formaldehyde...  Formaldehyde is a group one human carcinogenic, (Proven to cause cancer in humans) and is readily soluble in water (or saliva).  Although the allowable exposure limit enforced by the ACCC is <80mg/kg for children's products under 3 years of age, we WILL NOT risk it.

What is the recommended age group for name puzzles?

According to the ACCC pegged puzzles are recommended for children ages 18 months plus, so they are perfect for first birthday gifts for children, babies special occasion gifts, such as first Christmas gifts or celebration gifts for children

Is there a limit to the amount of characters used in the personalised engraving on the back of the puzzle?

No, there isn't.  I mean, you can't write a novel on the back of your puzzle, however you can add a personal or inspirational message, include details of the special occasion related to when give your puzzle to your loved one, and include who it's from.  If your message is quite long, we simply reduce the font size to ensure it fits.


Umm thanks for all that, but I have a different question?

No troubles at all, please email us at and we will be sure to help you out!