About Us

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My name is Clare and I'm a work from home Mum. I have 3 children, Abbie, Liam and baby Emma. I live in Brisbane 

I hand craft personalised wooden name puzzles, custom made to order, using the finest raw materials available.  I started this business in September 2010, after over 10 years of working in Quality Assurance both here in Australia and overseas.

While living in England, back in June 2009, my partner, 4 year old daughter and I discovered our son to be would be born with a major congenital heart defect, or most commonly known as a CHD.  1 in 6 children are born with a CHD. Our son, Liam, has Tetralogy of Fallot, which consists of 4 different defects within his heart. 

We decided that in order to give Liam the best chance of survival, we had to move back to Australia, before he was born. We made this decision, so that his surgery could be performed at the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital right here in Victoria, Australia.

Liam was born October 26 2009, and had his open heart surgery on February 18 at 3 & a half months of age.   He is now a happy healthy little boy. Liam will require more surgeries as he gets older, but his operation at 3 months of age saved his life - and changed our lives for the better.

Because of Liam, Platypus Puzzles was born. Once we moved back to Australia to have Liam, I knew I would need a career change in order to be flexible with Liam’s many ongoing appointments and surgeries.

Years later, this 'little' business is going from strength to strength because customers are happy with their products, the friendly down to earth service. Feel free to check out the customer testimonials throughout the website and Facebook page!

Have a great day!